New To Game Need All The Help I Can Get

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New To Game Need All The Help I Can Get

Post by southohio on Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:29 am

New to airport City. Still learning the friends and gifting aspects of the game. I'm running through facebook; therefore, I cannot benefit from the weekly codes. So please add me as a neighbor, so I can start cleaning your city and exchange gifts with you. Thank you so much for reading and happy flying. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


Level : 11
Posts : 3
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Items I Can Gift : Light Engine, Landing Gear, Spare Wire, Jet Engine, Navagation Module, Aircraft Tire, Cockpit Glass, Fuel Supply, Radio Transmitter, Radar, Oscillating Beacon, Deicer, Glass Beads, Pearl Earrings, Cognac, Chocolate Candies, Skin Care Products, Filled Candies, Makeup, Perfume, Massive Spotlight, White gold Bracelet, Lightening Rod, Silver Skull, Candle, Aerosol, Supercomputer, Bright Lantern, Leyden Jar, Battery, Business Card, Sleep Pills, Gyroscope, Chewing Gum, Fuel Catalyst, Uniform

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