Screenshot of your game.

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Screenshot of your game.

Post by Falubaz on Mon May 19, 2014 8:09 pm

I thought it would be useful if there was a place where you can show the progress of your game.

Especially population numbers etc can be useful.

You can also show nice buildings or achievment's if you feel like it.

Hier i my first post.

I used Screenshot prog. from Playstore to make a screenshot and to upload it on the net.


Items needed - Fuel; Repair Items; Level 9 Items.

Items I can gift - Passengers(5, facebook); Fuel(3, facebook); Fuel Catalyst; Do Not Disturb Sign; Air Conditioner; Skin Care product; Cockpit Glass; Welder; Tour Review; Landing Lamp; Radar; Pulley ; Fuel(20); Powerful Radio Transmitter; Laser Level; Googles; Candy; Fuel Supply; Aircraft Tire; Stampler; Fuel Additives; Power Supply; Optical system; Additional Radar; Perfum; Amperometer; Spare Wire; Laser cutter; Passanger seat; Flight Catering; Oscillating Beacon; Cooling Chamber; Navigation Module; Archive box; Fuel Hose; Gyroscope; Spare Propeller; Deicer; Grinding Machine; Podium; Information Board; Wireless Compass; Washing Machine; Blanket; Attitude Indicator

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