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Game saving data

Post by Brintal on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:04 am

This is probably a really noobish question, but for some reason my game isn't saving my play. I come back to planes sitting in hangars that I previously launched, flights I paid fuel to land early still in flight (and consequently collections lost due to suddently not havng items that came from those flights), etc. Sometimes I turn the screen off to conserve power, sometimes I go to my home page, sometimes the game just closes (crashes) on me... It's getting frustrating. Apart from backing up the game all the time, is there a way to close the game properly or ensure it's updated and saved before moving on to something else? I play andriod razr m.

Heh, now I'm getting a window in my launch screen that says time travelers and cheaters can't reach for the stars. I don't even know how to do that! Sad

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Building Requirements (Do Not Disturb Sign, Bench, ATM, Welder, Album, Projector, Channel Bar, Spaceship Engine, Slide Rule, Stapler, Power Source, Communication Antenna, Shredder, Hull Parts, Cooling Chamber, Archive Box, Office Chair, Parking Meter, Walkie Talkie, Wireless Compass, Centrifuge, Blanket, Vivaldi Antenna, VoIP Phone)

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Re: Game saving data

Post by jon- on Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:26 am

It's really frustrating isn't it! On my phone (Samsung S3 android), hibernating the phone whilst the game is running forces a save (at least when you re-power the phone), whilst quitting the game will wipe out the last few minutes (longer sometimes). In ordinary times, visiting a neighbour also guarantees that all progress is saved, but now that is impossible.

You can harness this lack of saving to "recycle" events - e.g. if a plane didn't drop an item, or you open a chest which doesn't contain what you want, just quit quickly, wait a few seconds then re-start, and it's likely you'll be able to repeat that action.

Discovered another recycling first today - in a rocket launch, after using an item and seeing its total added to the launch, quickly hibernating meant that it was not deducted from my warehouse yet the points remained in the launch. Was able to use just one PEB to get 1080 points, but also worked for all other items too.


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