Flight Catering, Laundry & Baggage Hall

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Flight Catering, Laundry & Baggage Hall

Post by tamildv on Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:08 am

Flight Catering: 80,000 coins, 2days construction
(can build city or air side)

3 Air Conditioner
3 Packaging Machine
3 Cooling Chamber
3 Defroster

Laundry: 100,000 coins, 2days construction, 2 cash speedup
(have to build city side)

4x Washing machine
4x Dryer
4x Flatwork Ironer
4x Centrifuge
(from neighbours)

Baggage Hall:

Level 1 10,000 coins, 6hours construction, 600 coins speedup
(can build city or air side)

2x Copy Machine
2x Computer
2x Air Conditioner
2x Packaging Machine
(Information says buy or from neighbours) - but should be able to get some from Bali Island etc..

Level 2 20,000 coins, 1 day construction[/b][/b]

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