Tablet under repair: landed for 3-4 weeks

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Tablet under repair: landed for 3-4 weeks

Post by jedverdejo on Wed May 14, 2014 10:09 pm


My tablet is under repair due to a problem with the docking connections. The replacement is on its way, but it is expected to last for 2-3 weeks.

Therefore,  jedv and jedv3 will not be operative for this period.

I managed to install a backup of jedv2 in another (older) tablet, so it will be the only flying one.

Hope to be back soon.


Jesús Díaz - jedv (lvl 50, main game), jedv2 (lvl 50), jedv3 (lvl 50)
Codes: 6mtget / a1hhb6e / a73r7ep
Needed items: As stated in the in-game name
Gifts to send (level 9):
jedv   Turnstile, 3d printer, infrarred cam
jedv2   Patrol drone, low cons. lamp, mov. sensor
jedv3 Patrol drone, hand drier, mov. sensor,

Gifting policy: Return gifts asked for in in-game name, if possible. Otherwise, send in return.
Launch policy: Only start a launch if able to add 2/3 of the points (from all my accounts). When joining others' launches, I do not surpass any contributing friend.
Probably sent from my tablet - Sorry for the typos and improper use of uppercase and lowercase.[/b]

Level : 50 / 50 / 50
Posts : 136
Location : Granada (Spain)
Items I Can Gift : jedv - DND sign, goal?, automatic cashier, pearl collar, cockpit glass, welder, album, photocopier machine, steel, passengers (10), astro engine, pos terminal, cognac, binoculars, drill , solar cell, bracelet, cash counter, linning panel, cooling chamber, Archive Box, Gyroscope, Grinder, laptop?, metal arc?, monitor?, Holographic? , Glass?, Binoculars ?, Centrif.?, turnstile, 3d printer, infrarred cam // jedv2: DND sign, bench?, cashier, bonbon , cockpit, Welder, album, radar, steel, Pass. (10), tester robot, googles, cognac, jet motor, stapler, Power source, comm. ant., bracelet, amperimeter, laser cutter, landing, cooling chamber, Archive , Gyroscope, Grinder, Holographic? , Glass?, Binoculars? , Centrif.?, patrol drone, low cons. lamp, mov. sensor // jedv3: all-incl. bracelet, Robotic Lawnmower?, automatic cashier, whiskey, painting, generator, travel guide, projector, sand bag, passengers (10), laser level, guests book, cognac, tyre, whiteboard, drill, comm. antenna, bracelet, ergo chair, stamp, passenger seat, wheather panel, transmitter, altimeter, tv panel, major, patrol drone, hand drier, mov. sensor,

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