Lost about 3 weeks of progress

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Lost about 3 weeks of progress Empty Lost about 3 weeks of progress

Post by Mirima on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:19 pm

I opened one of my games and wanted to send a sled. Then I noticed that my ice runway was gone. Then I noticed that my level has gone down. And then I noticed that my friend list was different. Husband's game was still the old one and not the new one.

Yep! G! did it again. Both my games got set back about 3 weeks. I am afraid to open game #3. Time to shoot support a line.

Update: 3d game is fine. Pfew!


Items I can gift:
All inclusive brac,, Paystation, Video screen, Pearl Ear rings, Paint, Generator, Travel guide, Projector, Sandbag, Fuel, Video wall, Cognac, Jet Engine, Whiteboard, Power drill, Rocket launch panel, Armband, Money count machine, fill plate?, Landing Gear, City plan, Altimeter, tv-screen, router, detection ports

Don't disturb, Seats, Computer, Chocolates, Cockpit Glass, Welder, Foto album, Kopier, U-thingy?, Passenger, Assembly robot, cassier terminal, Cognac, Jet Engine, Stapler, Solar Panel, Ampere meter, Laser cutter, Landing Gear, Cooling chamber, Archive box, Gyroscope, Grinder, dryer.

Don't disturb, seats, Imprinter, skin care products, Paint, Generator, Foto Album, Kopier, U thingy,   fuel (10), Assembly robot, Detection ports, Candy, Spare tire, Whiteboard, Isolation, binoculars, Solar panel, smoke detector, Server, NOT YET AVAILABLE Passenger seat, city plan, altimeter, control panel, ironing.


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