machu picchu help

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machu picchu help

Post by violen_airborn on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:45 pm

Hi everyone

I have got the map of machu picchu and fly twice but now it is gone

can someone tell me how many times one can fly for one map of machu picchu

thanks in advance

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Re: machu picchu help

Post by airtiggus on Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:43 pm

Yes those maps are only valid for 6 hours, so you need to prepare a little to make the best use of them.

1) See with much information about that whole story (the first posts are a little outdated as a recent game update changed the way it all works).

2) Change all your planes to the appropriate plane type (e.g. turboprop)

3) Stockpile as much fuel as you can (from fuel station)... passengers as well

4) When you activate the map, send all your planes, but since the flight is 6 hours and the map is also 6 hours, you want to accelerate your planes to get more flights. Use catalysts or that weathervane bonus, or just use fuel to complete some flights.

5) You probably want to target 6 items from that destination, and you'll need at least 20-25 flights. You can reasonably fit 12- 20 flights in one map (with 8-9 planes and enough catalysts).

Hope that helps and good luck.


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