Visiting Planes or Own Flights, What is better?

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Visiting Planes or Own Flights, What is better?

Post by petegm on Thu May 17, 2012 11:20 am

I have done a study between the cost and benefits of visiting plans and flying to a destination.

Below my results, I welcome your comments.

Level 1: ---1-----2----5-----2
Level 2: ---1-----3----6-----4
Level 3: ---1-----4----7-----6
Level 4: ---1-----5----8-----8

Per Hour:--30-105--390-300

As you can see, if you are hooked on the game for one hour, you will get 390 coins and 300 experience points, plus other goodies falling from the skies.

Your cost will be half of your oil production (30 oil in 60 minutes) and 105 passengers.

If you look at your Flights, for the first 20 levels you have the following results:

Level Number:-City------OIL------Pax----Coins------Exp-----Time (H:mm)
Level 01:-Training-------10--------12……..16--------6--------00:04
Level 02:-Small Village---10--------12……..35--------16--------00:08
Level 03:-Egypt---------12--------19……..45--------21--------00:20
Level 04:-Venice--------12--------19……..65--------25--------00:40
Level 05:-Cyprus--------12--------19……..65--------25--------00:40
Level 06:-Maldive-------14--------38……..74--------35--------01:00
Level 07:-Turkish--------14--------38…….74--------35--------01:00
Level 08:-Bali-----------16--------38……..79--------41--------01:20 + Landing Lamp
Level 09:-Goa-----------16--------38……..85--------50--------01:40
Level 10:-Malta---------16--------38……...85--------51--------02:00 + Powerful Radio
Level 11:-Thailand-------17--------38……..82--------55--------02:20
Level 12:-San Francisco--18--------38…....92--------60--------02:40 + Fuel Supply
Level 13:-Rome----------22--------80…….103--------75--------03:00
Level 14:-London---------24--------80……111--------87--------03:20 + Fuel Additive
Level 15:-Canary---------24--------80……117--------96--------03:40
Level 16:-Singapore------24--------80…….114--------91--------04:00 + Additional Radar
Level 17:-Rio de Janeiro---26--------80……125-------108--------04:20
Level 18:-Sydney---------28--------80……108--------83--------04:40 + Spare Wire
Level 19:-Nice-----------30--------160……142-------132--------05:00
Level 20:-Dubai----------32--------160……146-------137--------05:20 + Orange Beacon

This table seems to be well balanced, if you spend more oil and passengers, fly longer, you get more rewards. But when you analyze the cost or reward per hour, the results are very different.

Tomorrow I will publish those results, I want to hear your thoughts in the meantime.

I am on level 30 and 44 Stars, I don't have flight catering facility and have not unlocked the later flight levels. I am playing without paying a penny, I want to feel the thrill of the game and the camaraderie of the other gamers when they give me what I need to upgrade buildings.

If you enjoy my comments, invite me as a friend, Code: zviygm
And my profile: GG- followed by what I need. I will always send you a gift back, so be generous.

I need 2 Ergonomic Chairs and anything required for Flight Catering (I don't know, I have not bought it yet). Thanks in advance.


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Re: Visiting Planes or Own Flights, What is better?

Post by poco20 on Thu May 17, 2012 1:47 pm

wow! this is really useful. thanks for taking the time to gather the information and sharing it with us.

I don't have ergonomic chair to gift you, but you can get it in Singapore, I will send you additional radar so you can get them.

thanks again, you have been of great help and save me lots of time.

looking forward to reading your other posts.


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Re: Visiting Planes or Own Flights, What is better?

Post by SR71 on Thu May 17, 2012 2:04 pm

petegm wrote:I need 2 Ergonomic Chairs and anything required for Flight Catering (I don't know, I have not bought it yet). Thanks in advance.
The requirements for the Flight Catering Facility are:
80,000 coins
3 Air Conditioner
3 Packaging Machine
3 Cooling Chamber
3 Defroster

Taken from

My Items Needed list is HERE. Any help would be much appreciated! Smile
I send out items DAILY, but it helps if you keep your Items Needed section of your Profile up-to-date, so I know what to send you!

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Re: Visiting Planes or Own Flights, What is better?

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