30 april Green Launch

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30 april Green Launch

Post by Falubaz on Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:35 pm

22 hours to go, Green Launch, 2 paticipants at the moment.

Feel free to join


Items needed - Fuel; Repair Items; Level 9 Items.

Items I can gift - Passengers(5, facebook); Fuel(3, facebook); Fuel Catalyst; Do Not Disturb Sign; Air Conditioner; Skin Care product; Cockpit Glass; Welder; Tour Review; Landing Lamp; Radar; Pulley ; Fuel(20); Powerful Radio Transmitter; Laser Level; Googles; Candy; Fuel Supply; Aircraft Tire; Stampler; Fuel Additives; Power Supply; Optical system; Additional Radar; Perfum; Amperometer; Spare Wire; Laser cutter; Passanger seat; Flight Catering; Oscillating Beacon; Cooling Chamber; Navigation Module; Archive box; Fuel Hose; Gyroscope; Spare Propeller; Deicer; Grinding Machine; Podium; Information Board; Wireless Compass; Washing Machine; Blanket; Attitude Indicator

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