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Post by ThavenRipper on Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:11 pm

Well ladies and gents. GI has done it again, they gave me a code to restore one of my old old old games. So I have no idea what has happened to my current game. Probably in Limbo somewhere. Their customer support is crap. Sorry to everyone. Go ahead and delete me as a neighbor as I probably wont be able to recover it because I'm not asking them for anything, ever again.

If I start a new one, I will send request out to my old neighbors. Sorry guys.

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Items I Can Send:

Current Event: Snowball. Old Lantern. Heater.

Construction: Disposable Shampoo. Goal Posts. Computer. Welder. Tour Review. Copy Machine. Rope Block. Robot Tester. Slide Rule. Wide Angle Binoculars. Power Source. Optical System. Shredder. Hull Parts. Defroster. Master Plan. Controller. Laptop. Arch Metal Detector. Walkie Talkie.

Flight: Landing Lamp. Fuel 20. Powerful Radio Transmitter. Fuel Supply. Fuel Additives. Additional Radar. Spare Wire. Flight Catering. Oscillating Beacon. Navigation Module. Fuel Hose. Spare Propeller. Deicer.

Duty Free: Skin Care Products. Filled Candies. Perfume.
Repair: Paint. Aircraft Tire. Passenger Seat. Gyroscope.

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Items I Can Gift : | Laptop | Controller | Deicer | Spare Propeller | Gyroscope | Fuel Hose | Master Plan | Navigation Module | Defroster | Oscillating Beacon | Flight Catering | Passenger Seat | Hull Parts | Spare Wire | Shredder | Perfume | Additional Radar | Optical System | Power Source | Fuel Additives | Wide-Angle Binoculars | Aircraft Tire | Fuel Supply | Filled Candies | Slide Rule | Robot Tester | Powerful Radio Transmitter | Fuel20 | Rope Block | Copy Machine | Landing Lamp | Tour Review | Welder | Paint | Skin Care Products | Computer | Mail Sorter | Goal Posts | Disposable Shampoo | Fuel Catalyst |

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