My way to walk through the UFO mission

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My way to walk through the UFO mission

Post by iamice on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:08 am

Since there're so many crash and GI didn't provide any update yet, share my unofficial way here, the reward is
UFO Monument

1. turn off the USB debugging
2. turn off the Facebook and Twitter
3. when visiting neighbors, don't pick the items falling out, wait for the items collected by the game. After that don't home to your own airport, go to Madlen Airborn and don't click anything, wait for 1 minute then home. It may still crash but at least the game will save your progressing.
4. don't quit the game or press power button. wait for the device go to auto power off (screen black out). otherwise your progressing will not be saved and have to restart again.

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