Response from GameInsight on Upgrade Glitches

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Response from GameInsight on Upgrade Glitches

Post by 777Driver on Sun May 27, 2012 5:08 pm

I wrote to Game Insight to see what was up with the bugs included in the last upgrade (Visits turned off, collections gone). Here's the response:

Thank you for contacting Game Insight Support Team!

I understand how frustrating it may be for you to miss some of the collections in the list. Please, do not worry, they will soon reappear while collections associated with a certain special offer that is already over, will no longer be available. In the meantime I can assure you that all items dropped are registered in the game the right way. We shall do our best to resolve the issue in the upcoming game version.
Please, be a little patient and follow the news and updates on the game!

Our specialists are aware of the issue with visiting neighbours and are working on the problem. It will be fixed as soon as possible in our future updates. Please, stay tuned and follow our updates at Google Play.

Thank you for playing the game. We appreciate it.
Please, contact us any time and feel free to ask questions! We are always there to help you!

Your Support team,
Max Wing

SO, I guess we'll be able to collect on all the stuff we've gathered for Running Wild (or whatever it's called) all at once when it's fixed. Who know's when that will be though....?!?

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Re: Response from GameInsight on Upgrade Glitches

Post by Benzo123 on Tue May 29, 2012 6:30 am

Update now! Running wild is back. I had 12 to collect equalling 3600 coins! Now I've got it. Um glad they've fixed it. They must have been bombarded with complaints.

My friend code is p0z61t. I appreciate any gifts sent my way. My wanted items are in my profile.

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Re: Response from GameInsight on Upgrade Glitches

Post by mitno on Wed May 30, 2012 5:21 am

just collected 25 collections


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Re: Response from GameInsight on Upgrade Glitches

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