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Need Items

Post by goofy777 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:15 am

Hello Friends,

I am in need of All Inclusive Bracelets.

Friend Code - amtxy1ke


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Re: Need Items

Post by Canterbury on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:22 am

Hey Goofy,

Please in future post under a date and not as a stand alone post under HERE for today.
Post under the latest date until a new "day thread" is started

A moderator will lock and move/delete this thread.

Regards Canterbury- GMT+12

Giftable lvl9 items Turnstile, 3d Printer
Giftable lvl8 items Fingerprint Reader

Repair Items
Fuel 20

Please PM me if you send a neighbor request so I know who's who; otherwise it will be ignored and eventually deleted!

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Items I Can Gift : NZL:, Fuel Catalyst, dnd, Bench, ATM, Whiskey, Cockpit Glass, Welder, Album, Landing Lamp, Copy Machine, Channel Bar, Passengers (10), P R Trans, Assembly Robot, Guestbook, Cognac, Fuel Supply, Jet Engine, Binocluars, Fuel Additves, Drill Machine, Optical System, Add Radar, w/G Bracelet, Cash Counter, Spare Wire, Lining Plate, Landing Gear, Osc Beacon,Flight Catering, Packaging Machine, Nav Module, City Model, Fuel Hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Air Vent Filter, Turnstile, Fingerprint Reader, 3d printer, Wireless Compass, Washing Machine, Blanket, Altitude Indicator

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