Cross Platform Gifting (iPad, Android)

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Cross Platform Gifting (iPad, Android)

Post by tamildv on Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:34 am

The following can be sent from Android and received by iPad (AKA Crapple© )

Fuel (3), Passengers (5)
Glass Cockpit, Paint
Welder, Generator
Landing Lamp
Radar, Copy Machine, Projector, Dispatcher Console
Passengers (10), Fuel (20)
Powerful Radio Transmitter
Fuel Supply
Jet Engine, Tyre
Stapler, Wide-Angle Binoculars, Whiteboard, Calculator
Power Source, Drilling Machine, Insulation
Additional Radar
Amperemeter, Shredder, Cash Counter, Smoke Detector, Ergonomic Chair
Spare Wire
Laser Cutter, Hull Parts, Lining Plate, Server Rack, Stamp
Flight Catering
Oscillating Beacon
Landing Gear, Passenger Seat
Navigation Module
Archive Box, City Model, Master Plan, Transmitter
Fuel Hose
Gyroscope, Altimeter
Spare Propeller
Grinder, Air Vent Filter, Controller, TV Panel

The following can’t be sent – they are converted to fuel(3)

Do Not Disturb sign, Bath Towel, Disposable Shampoo, All-Inclusive Bracelet
Video Board
Single-Malt Whiskey, Chocolate Candles, Pearl Earrings, Skin Care Products
Eau de Toilette, Cognac, Filled Candies
Makeup, White Gold Bracelet, Perfume
Album, Great Shots, Tour Review, Travel Guide
Channel Bar, Handling Line, Rope Block, Sand Bag
Robot Tester,
Security Camera
Launch Pad 2 items

The following can be gifted by android (v1.31) to iDevice... but not the current versions..
Cooling Chamber, Packing Machine, Defroster, Weather Display

Buildings Currently not viewable by iDevice players:

These appear as "under construction"
Sweet Shop
Bridal Salon
Travel Agency

These do not appear at all
Five-Star Hotel

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T-DV1, T-DV2, T-DV3,TDV4,TDV17/TDV18 can't gift back

If your profile is not upto date I will not be able to send you anything.

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