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Help me to help you

Post by Creepi on Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:47 pm

I have a number of Neighbours that I am struggling to send useful gifts to. To help me send useful gifts please:

* Please place your needed Items in your Profile (and keep it up to date).

Managing a large neighbour list (especially over multiple support accounts) is a lot easier if I can find what your needed items are from your profile (I have the neighbour profiles bookmarked in my browser). A date of last update may be handy too as a guide to how likely the Profile is accurate Smile

* Please give your ingame name something unique so I can find you. If your name is "Drill Press" I do not have Drill Presses at the moment and I have no way to tie you back to a profile to find other items you may want. Even a 2 or 3 letter code then item wanted would help.

* Please include in your Profile 'Default Items' that you would like if I am not able to send your main needed items, this means you get something that is useful until I am at a level that I can send something that is really needed.

Finally, I have a few neighbours I cannot tie to members on this forum (they may be random neighbour requests). If your in game name is any of the following please pm me so I can find your Profile, and friend redeem you from my support accounts:

- adarme 1
- alexandr
- dazz_d_ace
- fuzz
- kev1234
- kfinny33
- xhdk
- zviygm

Updated:30 Jan
Main: Dead

Please don't gift

"Creepi Duty3 plz", "Creepi-2 NoGifts" to "Creepi-7 NoGifts" all dead please delete unless you want to continue visiting them (for special buildings)

Live: "Creepi-8 NoGifts" & "Creepi-9 NoGifts" still gifting.

I send gifts based on Neighbour's names & profiles.

Can gift:
|||Radar Copy Projector Dispatch|Goggles Helmet Slide Textbk Guestbk||Stapler Weather W.board Binos Calc|Amp Shred Count Smoke POS|||Drill Power Insulation|ErgChair S.Wire L.Cut Hull Lining|Server Stamp Catering Pack Cool Defrost, NavMod Archive City Master Trans (blk)


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Re: Help me to help you

Post by tamildv on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:10 am

Well done Creepi... cheers

I cannot stress enough the points Creepi has raised above...

If you don't send me a PM AFTER adding me I will not accept your invite...

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If your profile is not upto date I will not be able to send you anything.

Please post your friend code in Daily Swapping Thread. Please ensure your in-game name is filled out

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