Promo Codes not working for me for almost 2 months now

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Promo Codes not working for me for almost 2 months now

Post by Mags on Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:29 pm

Hey Airport City people,

Please help me on my issue.

Can't seem to redeem promo codes. Weekly I am checking and trying to redeem it, but nothing seems to happen.

What to do on this?

My game version is 1.57. My phone is running Android 4.1.1.

I hope somebody can help me on this... Sad Sad Sad Sad

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Re: Promo Codes not working for me for almost 2 months now

Post by dennisdc on Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:07 pm

I am in the same boat.
My ability to redeem promo codes and add new friends disappeared about 3 months ago Sad


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promo code

Post by leo53 on Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:47 am

I've got the same problem for the last 3 weeks.

Any suggestion

PM me when you need anything specific, or if you sent me an invitation

In-game name: Leo53
Friendcode: leo53


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Re: Promo Codes not working for me for almost 2 months now

Post by jedverdejo on Mon Mar 18, 2013 6:10 am


I am, as many other users, in the same situation from a long time ago.

I recently contacted the support team and they say that I am not able to redeem any code nor see friends launches because I have made changes in time and date and my social abilities have been limited.

In other words, we are in a black list for being considered "time travelers". This was true for one of my games (I am runing two games) but is absolutely false for the other. Furthermore, it is more than 6 months that I do not use time traveling in the older one.

My conclusion (not from GI people): their "time travelers" detection module is a big piece of *$%&··@
But, even if many of us say we are not playing with time, their position is that they are doing it right.

For me, it seems that any minimal difference in time or the lack for connectivity for a longer enough period is causing this.

May GI people realize about their error if many of us complain and rise support tickets about that? I am not that confident but it seems that they have some special concerns about the number of opened tickets ... Their only obssession is closing tickets, not solving problems (see many other threads about GI's support).

Just exercising my right to protest ;-)


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Re: Promo Codes not working for me for almost 2 months now

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