Anyone still playing?

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Anyone still playing? Empty Anyone still playing?

Post by ladypurple on Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:23 am

I just got back and this place looks deserted. Anyone still using this site?

Level : 50 (142 stars)
Posts : 111
Items I Can Gift : Fuel Catalyst, All-Inclusive Bracelet, Imprinter, Chocolate Candies, Paint, Generator, Travel Guide, Landing Lamp, Dispatcher Console, Channel Bar, Passenger (10), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Spaceship Engine, Packaging Machine, Anti-Theft Gate, Cognac, Fuel Supply, Airport Tire, Calculator, Fuel Additives, Drill Machine, Solar Cell, Additional Radar, White Gold Bracelet, Smoke Detector, Spare Wire, Server Rack, Landing Gear, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Weather Display, Navigation Module, Transmitter, Fuel Hose, Altimeter, Spare Propeller, Deicer, TV Panels, VoIP Phone, Wireless Compass, Dryer, Blanket, Attitude Indicator

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Anyone still playing? Empty Re: Anyone still playing?

Post by dk12s on Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:11 pm

Hi Ladypurple
Please join Airport city game forum from Facebook
You will find millions there

see --------->>>>>>> right side for the items I can gift

Level : dipal airborn lvl 60
Posts : 101
Age : 36
Items I Can Gift : Passengers 5 and 10; Fuel catalyst; Bath Towel; Computer; Single Malt Whiskey; Paint; Generator; Great Shots; Landing Lamps; Dispatch console; Rope block; Video wall; Laser level; Aircraft tyre; Additional radar; Optical system; White gold bracelet; Powerful Radio Transmittr; Videowall ;Hull part; Pos Terminal; Eude Toillette; Fuel Supply; Passenger seat; Calculator; Drill Machine ;Oscillating beacon; Flight catering; Cooling chamber; Navigation module; Transmitter; Altimeter; Deicer; Spare propeller; Airvent Filter; Wireless compass; Blanket; Attitude indicator; Glazing Machine; Centrifuge; Earplug; Fruit Lollipops; Bed; Ereader Hammer Drill; Cofee Machine; Laminator

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