Red Launch-28 June 2016-Closed

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Red Launch-28 June 2016-Closed Empty Red Launch-28 June 2016-Closed

Post by Bruno237 on Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:31 am

I have launched a RED LAUNCH - 23h30 left - 1800 points left.
Actually all slots opened except the first place.
See you soon !
Bruno237 (you can send me a request to be neighbour)

Friend and Code Name : Bruno237 (iOS-game latest version)
Support Game (PC Win10) : Game Name : Bru237b_(item needed)  CODE : 20x7bugx
Support Game can send Fuel20
I can gift : NET butterfly- Granulator-Pill-VRHeadset
Main game needs (upd 01 March) : NET and SHEARS-Fuel20-Osc Beacon-Chocolate-Perfume-FilledCandies no more PharmaLab items-no Furniture items and no Beds.
Don't gift back if you haven't the group of item in your list: your neighbour will receive Fuel3 or Pass5 !

3 Planetarium to visit !
 Gifting list on the right (not updated yet) ----->[/color]

Level : 71 - 347 Stars - 9 ♥
Posts : 218
Location : France UTC+1/+2 - All Launches
Items I Can Gift : Can gift : NET butterfly-Granulator-Pill-VR Headset--List has changed-NOT Updated : Pass5-Fuel Catalyst-Bracelet all inclusive-ATM Machine-PEARL EARRINGS-Cockpit glass-Welder-Travel Guide- Landing Lamp-Projector-Metal Bar-PASS10-Powerful Radio Transmitter-Video Wall-Laser Level-Guest Book-COGNAC-Fuel Supply-Tyre-White Board- Fuel Additive-Power Supply-Communication Antenna-Additional Radar-MAKEUP-Shredder -Spare Wire-Laser Cutter-Landing Gear-Flight Catering-Oscillating Beacon-Cooler (=Freezer)-Navigation Module-City Model-Fuel Hose-Altimeter-Spare Propeller-Deicer-Grinding Machine-Wireless Compass-Washing Machine-Blanket-Artificial Horizon-Freezing Tunnel-Ear Plugs-Lollipop-Hammer Drill-Bed-Ereader

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