Weekly swapping thread November 16th (Monday) - November 22nd (Sunday)

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Weekly swapping thread November 16th (Monday) - November 22nd (Sunday)

Post by Speedpi21 on Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:46 pm


My game crashed and I have had to start over again. GI have refunded my airport cash, tokens and level, but I still need to build my airport from scratch. I also need to start adding neighbours again. Anyone willing to add me, my details are as follows:

My gamename is: SpeedPi21
Friend Code: atb9lj7
Game level: 56

Items I can gift
Fuel (3 units), Fuel Catalyst, Disposable Shampoo, Computer, Skin Care Products, Cockpit Glass, Welder, Tour Review, Landing Lamp, Copy Machine, Channel Bar, Fuel (20 units), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Assembly Robot, Packaging Machine, Anti-Theft Gate, Filled Candies, Wheel Block, Fuel Supply, Jet Engine, Whiteboard, Fuel Additives, Insulation, Solar Cell, Additional Radar, Perfume, Smoke Detector, Spare Wire, Server Rack, Passenger Seat, Flight Catering, Oscillating Beacon, Defroster, Navigation Module, Master Plan, Fuel Hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Controller, Wireless Compass, Flatwork Ironer, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Pneumatic Cutter, Glazing Machine, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop

Items I need
Copy Machine x4, Air Conditioner x1, Packaging Machine x2, Wheel Block x4, Protective Cover x3, Assembly Robot x4, Spaceship Engine x4, Laser Level x4, Robot Tester x4, Dispatcher Console x1, Radar x1, Guestbook x1, Flight Helmet x2, Flight Goggles x2, Textbook x2, Slide Rule x2, Stapler x2, Projector x1, Calculator x2, Whiteboard x2


Level : 62
Posts : 128
Location : South Africa
Items I Can Gift : Postal Dronw, Stabilized Binoculars, Arcade Machine, Fuel (3 units) Fuel Catalyst, All-Inclusive Bracelet, Computer, Chocolate Candies, Paint, Generator, Travel Guide, Landing Lamp, Radar, Handling Line, Passengers (10), Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Robot Tester, POS Terminal, Filled Candies, Fuel Supply, Aircraft Tire, Calculator, Fuel Additives, Drill Machine, Spaceship Launch Console, Additional Radar, Perfume, Cash Counter, Spare Wire, Hull Parts, Passenger Seat, Flight Catering, Oscillating Beacon, Weather Display, Navigation Module, Transmitter, Fuel Hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Controller, Wireless Compass, Dryer, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Glazing Machine, Earplugs, Fruit Lollopop, Boring Machine, Bed, E-reader

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Re: Weekly swapping thread November 16th (Monday) - November 22nd (Sunday)

Post by el_angelus on Wed Nov 18, 2015 10:51 am

Hi Speedpi21...I will send to you the items I have. It's a pitty that GI couldn't restore your old game!

Items I can send 

:)angelus              ---> check what can I send --->

Level : 71 (312 stars)
Posts : 311
Age : 41
Location : Lima, Peru
Items I Can Gift : :)angelus can send: Fuel catalyst, DND sign, bench, computer, whisky, cockpit glass, welder, album, landing lamp, projector, channel bar, passengers (10), powerful radio, assembly robot, anti theft gate, eau de toilette, fuel supply, jet engine, whiteboard, fuel additives, drill machine, comm. antenna, add'l radar, make up, smoke detector, spare wire, hull parts, landing gear, osc beacon, flight catering, cooling chamber, nav module, archive box, fuel hose, gyroscope, spare prop, deicer, grinding machine, hand dryer, explosive detector, wireless compass, washing machine, blanket, alt indicator, draw table, calibration modules, glazing machines, ear plugs and lollipops


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