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Post by .Brintal on Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:19 am

Hey friends.
Just realizing that I only have one new neighbor since the update and they are the only ones I can visit. Wanting to hit neighbor's unis, as I only need two of the last collection to do, I was looking for some eleventh-hour friends that might be willing to add me.
No pressure! I'm an every day player that generally returns whatever you send me.
Thanks to those who are considering.


- Brin

Level : 60 (246★ and 9♥)
Posts : 93
Items I Can Gift : Passengers(5) & (10), Fuel Catalyst, Do Not Disturb Sign, ATM, Pearl Earrings, Cockpit Glass, Welder, Album, Landing Lamp, Projector, Channel Bar, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Video Wall, Spaceship Engine, Slide Rule, Cognac, Fuel Supply, Jet Engine, Stapler, Fuel Additives, Power Source, Communication Antenna, Additional Radar, White Gold Bracelet, Shredder, Spare Wire, Hull Parts, Landing Gear, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Cooling Chamber, Machine Oil, Navigation Module, Archive Box, Fuel Hose, Gyroscope, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Grinding Machine, Patrol Drone, Postal Drone, Wireless Compass, Centrifuge, Blanket, Motion Sensor, Attitude Indicator, Glazing Machine, Earplugs, Lollys

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