Fuel Station (Upgradable) - Can't be Gifted

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Fuel Station (Upgradable) - Can't be Gifted Empty Fuel Station (Upgradable) - Can't be Gifted

Post by tamildv on Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:06 am

The items can't be acquired by gifts, only by flights to certain destinations.

Fuel Station

Level 1 - 250 Coins
1x Winch
1x Cable

Winch & Cable drop from:
Seldom: Egypt, Malta
Often: Rome, Dubai, Shanghai, Berlin

Level 2 - 6000 coins
3x Steel Frames
3x Wires
3x Control Units

Drops from Goa, London, Nice, Delhi, Mexico City

Level 3 - 16000 coins (speedup 1 cash) 2days construction time
6x Reinforced Steel Frame
6x Triple Wire
6x Transmitter (Orange)

Drops from: Rio, Moskou, Hong Kong

Level : 40 (276 stars), 9 Hearts
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