Blue launch 21/22 januari

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Blue launch 21/22 januari

Post by Ms greetje on Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:45 am

Just started a blue launch second and third place are open.

Ms greetje

Ms greetje

Level : 50-117 starts on 14/1
Posts : 35
Age : 41
Location : The Netherlands
Items I Can Gift : Ms Greetje-- Marking machine, Fuel catalyst, Passenger 5, Cooling chamber, Server cabinet, Chocolat filled candy, Power drill, Cash register, Air conditioner, Pearl earrings, Paint, EWelder, Tour review, Landing lamp, Radar, Sandbag, Bath towel, Aircraft tyre, Passangers 10, Powerful radio transmitter, Video wall, Laser level, Fuel supply, Jet engine, Fuel additives, White board, Optical system, Additional radar, Golden bracelet, Smoke detector, Sparewire, Passenger seat, Flight catering, Oscill beacon, Navigation module, Fuel hose, Gyroscope, Washing machine, Wireless kompass, Blanket, Master plan, Spare propeller, Control pannel, De-icer, Operation pannel, Blanket, Wireless compass, Washing machine, Offset gregorian antenna

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