blue rocket launch 10/6

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blue rocket launch 10/6

Post by gena01 on Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:12 am

I have started a Prometheus (Blue) Rocket launch. 23h 30m remaining on the clock, 1100/2000 loaded,2nd, 3rd and all other slots are open. Please join

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Items I Can Gift : The catalyst Shampoo Air Conditioning Welding machine Chocolates Paint Headlamp Travel Channel Radar Passengers Powerful radio Robot assembly Tutorial Candy with filling Fuel Additives Bus Binoculars Fuel Capacity Power Supply Solar battery Dop.radar Spirits Smoke Detector Replacement wiring Server cabinet Wheelchair Flight catering Lighthouse Icebox Navigation module Transmitter Charging hose Altimeter Screw De-icer Horn antenna Grinder Transceiver Smart glass Holographic Display Finder Plaid Dryer Aviagorizont Finder

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