Flight Iems Required By Aircraft and Location List

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Flight Iems Required By Aircraft and Location List

Post by Bastoska on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:58 am

On a thread about Rental Planes

Cosmo K. pointed out that you can no longer see what Flight Items are required for each location. I misread his post thinking he meant what items the rental planes required, but then it was clarified that if you don't have an available plane for that location, you can't see what Flight Items are needed. So if you are planning on buying different planes to fly to a new location, you won't know what items you need until you have your planes. So here is a simple list by Aircraft Type and Destination. It's current through the recent upgrade to Level 50. To save typing I made abbreviations for each item. Hope this helps.

Flight Item List by Aircraft Type and Location:
Abbreviations –
No Flight Items Required – NFIR
Landing Lamp – LL
Powerful Radio Transmitter – PRT
Fuel Supply – FS
Fuel Additives – FA
Additional Radar – AR
Spare Wire – SW
Oscillating Beacon – OB
Flight Catering – FC
Navigation Module – NM
Fuel Hose – FH
Spare Propeller – SP
Deicer – DI
Blanket – BK
Wireless Compass – WC
Attitude Indicator – AI

Propeller Driven:
         Training Flight – NFIR
         Small Village – NFIR

Powerful Propeller Driven:
         Egypt – NFIR
         Cyprus – NFIR

        Turkish Coast – NFIR
        Washington D.C. – LL
        Sao Paulo – NFIR
        Bali Island – LL
        Arctic Station – LL
        Goa – NFIR
        Excavations: Mesoamerica – Map
        Malta – PRT
        Cape Canaveral – NFIR
        Thailand - NFIR
        San Francisco – FS

        Rome – NFIR
        Los Angeles – NFIR
        Baikonur – NFIR
        Buenos Aires – NFIR
        London – FA
        Excavations: Ancient Rome – Map
        Canary Islands – NFIR
        Northern Observatory – NFIR
        Singapore – AR
        Rio – NFIR
        Sydney – SW
        Saint Petersburg – SW

        Nice – NFIR
        Southern Observatory – NFIR
        Lima – NFIR
        Excavations: Stonehenge – Map
        Dubai – OB
        Moscow – FC
        New York – NM & FC
        Paris – FC
        Seoul – FH & FC

Super Delta:
        Shanghai – FC
        Excavations: Ancient Egypt – Map
        Chicago – FC
        Delhi – SP & FC
        Hong Kong – SP & FC
        Iceland – FC
        Nepal – DI & FC
        Antarctica – DI & FC
        Las Vegas – SP & FC

        Berlin – OB & FC
        Jiuquan – OB & FC
        Excavations: The Ancient World – Map
        Houston – OB & FC
        Mexico City – NM & FC
        Hawaiian Islands – FH & FC
        Amsterdam – SP & FC
        Excavations: Southern Europe – Map
        Tokyo – SP & FC
        Seattle – FH & FC
        Santiago – SP & FC
        Montreal – NM & FC
        Excavations: Scandinavia – Map
        Vladivostok – OB & FC
       Cape Town – FH & FC

        Caracas – BK & FC
        Plesetsk - BK & FC
        Excavations: Eastern Europe – Map
        Oslo – BK & WC
        Johannesburg – BK & WC
        Toronto – BK & WC
        Tortuga – BK & WC
        Helsinki – BK & WC
        Melbourne – BK & AI
        Havana – BK & AI
        Yokohama – BK & AI
        Austin – BK & AI

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Re: Flight Iems Required By Aircraft and Location List

Post by SannSunn on Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:39 am

Great work! Thanks!

Please skip my game with gifting, I left the game for a while. I might be back so please don't delete my game. Thanks for your help! (March 24th, 2016)

If you add me as a neighbor, please send me a PM so I know you're from the forum.
If you need me to send something in return (because I cant gift it anymore), please send me a PM.

To visit I have:

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Check my posts at the weekly swapping thread (Cross platform) to see what I need most and what I can gift.

- In-game-name is for non-forum neighbors -

Thank you all for your help!

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Re: Flight Iems Required By Aircraft and Location List

Post by eatteveld on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:58 am

Good stuff, thanks.

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Re: Flight Iems Required By Aircraft and Location List

Post by Cosmo K. on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:17 pm

Great! This helps a lot!

Feel free to add me: aq9ybsa
Cosmo K.
Cosmo K.

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Re: Flight Iems Required By Aircraft and Location List

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