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Travel Agency

Post by realent on Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:09 am

Does anyone know if this is a limited time event or ??? I would like to complete it as that is what I do. I own a Travel Agency.. So of course I need one.. Please send any items that might help.

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Items I Can Gift : Tour Review, Silver Cresent,Flatwork Ironer, Wireless Compass, Blanket, Stabilized Binoculars, Arcade Machine, Controller, Deicer, Spare Prop, Gyroscope, Fuel Hose, Master Plan, Nav Module,Cooling Chamber, Beacon, Flgt Catering, Landing Gear, Server Rack, Spare Wire, Smoke Detector, makeup, Sandbag, computer, Bath Towel, Copy Machine, Video Wall, Robot Tester,Textbook,

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