Sets you can purchase with Airport Cash

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Sets you can purchase with Airport Cash

Post by aksanchez79 on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:13 am

I would like to build a conservatory, rock shop, rabbit hole, an all stars movie theater and the building that looks like an rv park.what collection sets can i purchase with Airport Cash to get these items. Also, how do you get butterflies? What are silver crescent and three leaf clovers for? I started playing around the middle of June and am at level 34 but have many collection items. I see all if these options ti purchase collection items with Airport Cash but do not want ti waste it if i cannot obtain buildings or rewards for them. Can someone explain these collections and items purchaseable with Airport Cash? I did partcipate in the July 4 collection and obtained 4 gift shops and Statue of Liberty building from it so I do understand somewhat how the promotional buildings work...i would greatly appreciate any explanations that can be given?


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