Prometheus Mission award

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Prometheus Mission award

Post by Nidoking on Fri Nov 29, 2013 3:15 am

As most of you already know, next to your regular flights you can also see the spaceflights.
I just got my first star (out of 3; 10-50-100 flights) on the Prometheusmission. Sadly the reward was only a "ready for launch" box.
I believe they should give you a little more than this stupid box, not only because it's hard to get 10 spaceflights, but also when you finished 10 flights you aren't short of such boxes. I don't consider this a gift.

My question: is the reward the same for the other space launch?
Question 2: what is the prize when you get your second (and third) star?

I doubt anyone has come this far (2 stars or more), but if you know the answer, I'd be very greatful !


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Re: Prometheus Mission award

Post by Falubaz on Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:17 pm

If you update Airport City now you will be able to see the rewards for the stars per destenation.
for the Prometheus mission the rewards are
1 star -10 flights - ready for launch box
2 star -50 flights - Prometheus mission
3 stars - 100 flights - Quantum Leap

I am at 1 star and 6 fligts at the moment. Can't launch now due to lack of Wheat.


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