iOS Land Expansion diffculty, please help!

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iOS Land Expansion diffculty, please help!

Post by wahahaha on Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:01 am

As you are all aware, once land expansion goes to a certain level, it will require green money for further expansions. However, iOS platform never gets the weekly code like Android does; therefore, iOS users are in an disadvantage in terms of land expansions.

Does any iOS players here have any suggestions apart from buying the green money from GI? My other Android account always get free money from new game downloads, but my iOS account has never got these offers.

Advice anyone??

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Items I need:
Vivaldi-Antenna x2,Yagi-Uda Antenna x3,Walkie-Talkie x4,Parking Meter x4,Holographic Display x4,Smart Glass x4,VoIP Phone x4,Beverage Cooler x4,Headset x4,Stabilized Binoculars x5,Fuel Hose (Unlimited),Flight Catering (Unlimited),Fuel (Unlimited) - thanks for helping!

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